Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a Bee? a Quilt Along?

Forewarning: This post is 100% brainstorming, so just know it's a bit jumbled. :)


I recently filled out a form to start a Bee Circle with do.Good Stitches that would pretty much be what this blog is about. I'm sure how that will turn out, but I also recently received this link from Elizabeth @ Don't Call Me Betsy (thank you!) for a thread on flickr where people announce bee's looking for quilters, along with people who are looking for bees.

 I just barely got the idea of maybe starting up a new Bee:  The to blank walls Bee. :) (? maybe it will be called something else) It would be a lot of fun to make quilts together, as well as have themed Wall Hanging months. Maybe have fewer people join together each month to make one - since they are smaller than quilts, or have a theme and have everyone make a wall hanging based on that topic or theme (such as sunshine, or a technique - like everyone makes a paper pieced wall hanging, or a certain block style, color theme, etc.). Anyway, I think there is a lot of room for creativity, and it would be so much fun to see all the different variations that people come up with. I guess that would be more of a Quilt Along rather than a Bee.

... oh. Another idea! A bee for the quilts, and a quilt along for the wall hangings. :D 

Ok, now how to get the word out?! It would be great to have a few people "in charge" of the quilt along. One person could be in charge of the idea or theme for the wall hanging each month, and we can take turns depending on how many people are interested in coming up with something for the month. We can post tutorials and ideas on this blog, as well as linkies to peoples creations. (I guess it wouldn't be necessary for everyone to donate theirs, doing things together is fun, and if people want to donate, even better, but not required.)

Anyway, this is really jumbled as my thoughts are coming out as I type. I'll have to refine my ideas and come out with something more structured, but until then, are you interested in being a part of this? or have any ideas or tips on how to get started? or how to organize it?

Thank you!! :)

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