a Quilt Along

I think Quilt Alongs are such a fun way to do things with others and share your experiences, even though we may not all be in the same room, or even live in the same state or country.

Without the pressure or commitment to the long term Quilt Alongs, I've decided to make the Quilt Alongs hosted here on a monthly basis. Every month will be something new, and there will be no requirement, or disadvantage of not doing one one month, and then wanting to do one the next month. If you join in late, you won't be behind. :) 

To keep them simple and small, (and hopefully quick), these QA's will almost always be for a Wall Hanging. Though there may be occasional baby quilts thrown in. Each month I will come up with a theme or a technique that I plan to use in my project for that month. I will share the plan at the beginning of the month, or the end of the prior month. I will also include my thoughts and ideas for my project. This introduction post for each new theme will contain a linky that will be open the entire month where you can share your ideas and beginnings of your project. I will also post the finished product by the end of the month, along with another linky where you can link up your finished products. I will leave that linky open for the entire following month, so you don't have to have your project finished at the same time I do. I think this will also be helpful for any late joiners each month. :)

I want to include the linkies because I absolutely LOVE to see others twists and versions of a theme. It's so interesting to me how you can give one word or topic, and yet get so many different variations of that same theme.

There is also a flickr group where you can share your projects from beginning to end: www.flickr.com/groups/toblankwalls/
as well as a flickr group for finished and donated projects only: www.flickr.com/groups/toblankwalls-donated/ (if you are not planning on donating your projects, please don't post here. I want to keep one group strictly for what is being given to others - a pure picture of how we are brightening the world. Thanks for understanding.)

Here are my first brainstorming ideas for topics/themes (I will update this as we start and complete projects, along with links to those specific projects if you want to go back and make something done in the past):
  • sunshine
  • play
  • sky
  • happiness
  • colors
  • jump
  • orange
  • paper piecing
  • traditional blocks
  • log cabin blocks
  • scrappy blocks
  • geometric

For technique based themes, I will do what I can to either post a tutorial for it, or link to another tutorial.

If you have ideas, or would like to be in charge of coming up with and introducing themes for a month, please let me know! I would love to have you join me in this!

We can also get creative and do pass around blocks, where we start something and then mail it out and trade, adding onto it and changing the blocks until we think they are complete. Though this is something I think won't happen until further down the road. Possibly a possibility with a Bee instead.

Interested in joining a Quilting Bee and working on quilts instead? "Bee" sure to see the tab at the top for more information. :)