I feel so blessed to have so much, when there are so many people around us and around the world that have so little. That is the whole basis of this blog. Sharing what I have with others. From my large fabric stash to my love of sewing, quilting, and learning new things, quilts and wall hangings are a fun AND useful way to help brighten and warm the lives of others.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has and continues to bless the lives of so many, whether faced with poverty or disaster, they give millions of pounds of clothing, medical supplies, food, toys, and more to people all around the world each year. My projects shared on this blog will be donated to them to help in their efforts. Quilts will go to families and people the world over - "to warm not only the body but the spirit as well" of those who receive them. Wall hangings are donated to orphanages the world wide - "to provide a colorful decoration that will stimulate the child and promote development".

Because of the need for quality, and the purpose of lifting the spirits of those who face hardships, I'm hoping that all finished projects will be fresh, beautiful and creative. Something that will excite and be loved by those who receive them. Whether modern, traditional, and most likely a mix of both, whatever is created should be an expression of yourself/myself and your/my love for others.

I hope you will join me in my journey of creating and brightening the lives of others. You can read more about my desire and motivation behind this here.

If you join me, I would love for you to share your projects. Whether you donate your finished projects or not is your choice, but it would be fun to work together in perfecting our talents and skill. I want to try new things, like paper piecing, new block styles, color combinations, etc. I am also planning on including tutorial and tips on how I accomplish my projects and what I learn along the way.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me, Diane, at: dbByDesign{at}gmail{dot}com

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